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Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to use this study

As one of the creators of Jesus Before Christ, I want to welcome you to our Blog, which is designed to be a place where you may share your questions, suggestions, responses or discoveries with others who are working with this study.

What are some of the ways to use this material?

Individual Journey -- You do not need a teacher or leader to use the study. Read the Introduction, then start anywhere in the study that attracts you. Or begin with the first level of the Beatitudes section and work your way through to the end. We encourage you to record your responses, questions and discoveries in your personal journal, and we hope you will post some or all of your responses here, as well.

With a Group -- You may choose to journey through the study with a friend with a group from your church. It can be helpful to be sharing your discoveries from the start with others. I find this to be stimulating and exciting, since each of us will gain insights according to our individual life experience and spiritual journey.

With an egroup -- Find a friend here, and share your journey and discoveries at your own pace, through email, Twitter, or text messaging.

Other Ways -- What are other ways you can imagine using the study? We would love to hear from you.